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Čia matote skirtumus tarp pasirinktos versijos ir esamo dokumento.

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-53 yr old Emergency Medication Specialist Ali from Armstrongloves to spend some time scuba diving, bernie sanders ​gear; [[https://​​2016/​02/​27/​the-biggest-selection-of-bernie-sanders-2016-feel-the-bern-t-shirts/​|Learn Additional]]Sanders T Shirt and dollsFound some incredible places following 8 days at Medina ​of Fez.+50 year-old Butcher or Smallgoods Maker Alec Herreras ​from North Yorkhas lots of hobbies that include kid advocate, bernie sanders ​merchandise ([[https://​​2016/​02/​27/​the-biggest-selection-of-bernie-sanders-2016-feel-the-bern-t-shirts/​|]]Sanders T Shirt and church/​church activities that contained visiting Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi.
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