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Čia matote skirtumus tarp pasirinktos versijos ir esamo dokumento.

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-====== ​ ====== +grazinkyt knygaskazkas pakeite teksta
-Mobile Strike is the same free-to-play game you've confronted a million times beforejust much, far worse. The [[https://​​s/​83863a4t0yinj8ufe4o56gr87spatruq|mobile strike gold]] It's an utterly shameless cash grab, and even for this frequently ethically ambiguous business model stands out as a particularly egregious example of the negative of mobile gaming. I am aware the commercials are high-budget and intriguing, and and even though Arnold Schwarzenegger would seem to lend the franchise at least a hint of believability (never thought I would say that) steer free from this "​game"​ at all costs.  +
- +
-The concept needs to be familiar, you build up the finest military base of all, prepare your defense and offense, and gradually upgrade until you're strong enough to ruin your enemies. Think Match of Warfare or Conflict of Kings, but completely uninspired. At least those 2 possess the classic dream trappings; this is just plain, modern warfare junk. If realistic strategies or real military strategy elements were part of Mobile Strike, it might happen to be significantly better. I am imagining a kind of Rainbow Six meets Complete War, and now I want they had created that game as an alternative. +
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